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Forfatter: Tittel: USAs høyeste generaler forsøker å avverge tredje verdenskrig


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[*] opprettet den 30-10-2008 kl 05:02
USAs høyeste generaler forsøker å avverge tredje verdenskrig

Generals Try to Stop Imminent World War III
A most stunning report is circulating in the Kremlin stating that some of the most Senior Generals in the United States Military are ‘pleading’ for ‘immediate’ help from both Russian and European Military to prevent their current President from starting World War III in the coming weeks.

This meeting between the United States and Russia’s top Military Officials followed an equally unprecedented meeting held also this past week in the Adirondack Mountain Region of New York State between these US Generals and all of the top Military Officers and Staff of Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands and South Korea.

According to these reports the American Generals have stated their ‘firm belief’ that the United States and Europe are under an ‘imminent threat’ for large scale attacks by nuclear weapons prior to the US elections, due to be held on November 4th, that will completely destroy both America and the European Union in a bid to establish upon both these Nations a new ‘Forth Reich’ modeled upon the former German Nazi Empire.

Russian Military Analysts state in these reports that the fascist forces currently in power in both the United States and European Union already have in place all of the necessary laws and private paramilitary forces needed to accomplish such an astounding coup of virtually the entire Western World.

And as incredible as it may seem, the American fascist forces currently in control of their Nation had virtually no fear in duplicating Nazi Germany’s 1933 Reichstag Fire, which enabled Hitler to assume dictatorial powers and robbed German citizens of all of their freedoms, with the planned attacks of September 11, 2001, and which like the Nazi’s saw the enacting of new laws which have enslaved the American people in a police state which is now more efficient than the Gestapo ever was.

To the American people not protecting themselves from the catastrophes due to fall upon them it can only be said that these truths are so enormous and chilling in their implications that they believe they could not possibly be true. This was a sentiment the German people once had too.

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