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Kreves det registrering?
Det avhenger av foruminnstillingene fordi administratorer kan endre innstillingene slik at du må være registrert for å se innlegg. Du må også vanligvis være registrert for å svare og starte nye innlegg, men dette avhenger av foruminnstillingene. For å registrere klikk her.

Det anbefales at du registrerer deg slik at du kan motta e-post fra administratoren.

Benytter dette forumet cookies?
Yes. XMB uses cookies to store your login information, last visit, and threads that you have visited. We do this to make it easier for you so you can see which posts contain new replies and so you do not have to enter your username and password when posting or other certain things.

If you logout, your cookies will be cleared. To logout click here.

Hvordan lager jeg en signatur?
To add a signature to your posts you have to log into your profile and insert into the signature text box the signature you wish to use.

BB Code and HTML maybe turned off or on. This can effect what you can insert into your signature.

Hvordan får jeg mitt eget bilde (avatar) under navnet mitt?
Again in your profile there is a place for an 'Avatar' and avatar is the image under your name. Check with your Admin about the size of your avatar, it's usually considered common courtesy to use one under 150 pixels wide.

Hva gjør jeg hvis jeg har glemt passordet mitt?
If you have forgotten your password, do not worry. Head over to the lost password section and fill in the form and your password will be e-mailed to you.

Hva er U2U?
U2U means User to User. It is a simple messaging client that you can use to send messages to fellow members on this board. You can check your U2U inbox by clicking here or going to your profile.

The board administrator might have disabled this function for certain users.

NOTE: Please be aware that Super Administrators are able to view your u2u inbox. This is for forum security and not meant to be an invasion of your privacy. As with the internet in general, please use caution when sending sensitive information through the u2u system.

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